teman amat diperlukan dalam kehidupan
ia telah ditetapkan sbg fitrah
they all are some parts of company
added spices in our life
we hang to them
and as a medium to express
our sadness,happiness
as a competitor

pernah rase grm pd adik2
jus wanna say"leave me alone!!!"
tp ble drenung
ape lah nsib if we have no siblinks
no one to fight with
no one to angry with
no harmony
no jokes
semua petak2 empat segi
lol (~_~)

somtmes ta puas hati with parents
"alaa,bwu nk rehat.."
"kecoh lah,slh ckit pun..
berleter mcm nk kiamat"
tme t raser,beshnyerr if i
duk sensorang
we not even realise
that they care about us
love us
thats why..diorg kecoh
4 the mistakes to be correct
4 the lesson that we might learn

we never apreaciate
but we want to be apreciate
we want to be heard
but have we ever listen?
have we ever try to be undrstnding?
kiter asyik kater
kiter je yg dgr owg
owg ta dgr kiter
adakah kiter sdr?
apbla owg mdgr kter?
apbl owg baik pd kiter?
actually no
gajah dpn mate
ta nampak
kuman seberang sungai nampak
(peribahase sndri....he4)

try to be gratefull
try to give the best
bcoz thre is god
even when we are not
( ", )

dah bace? jum koment n jadik kawan syah ye chumel

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