.:doctor chenta:.

hve u ever been cheated?been dump
in love...and been trated by men....
had u ever thinks tht the love words 
they said is ever fake
for those who in love
u might know this first

~Do u want to know something about guys?

 if u treat him,he will say u r in luv wif him
 if u don't,he will say u r proud
if u dress nicely,he'll say u r trying to impress him
if u dont,he will say u'r a "KAMPUNG GIRL"

if u argue wif him,he'll say u r stubborn
if u keep quite,he says u have no brains
if he loves u,he won't miss u
if u luv him,he will try to luv u

if u don't let him kiss u,
he'll say u dont luv him
if u tell him ur problem,he says u'r troublesome
if u don't,he says u don't trust him

if u break ur promise,u cant be trusted
if he breaks his promise,he is forced to do it
if u smoke,u'r a bad girl
if he smokes,he is gentleman

some of it is true,but not for all....when typing these it mkes b grateful
to have such a boy,who talks the truth
even it hurt,even he knw ill be mad
n easy to ask for frgiveness n to frgive
i hope he'll not change,even when im old enough
n even when i cant even breath
ill always loves the way he are...mnf

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