wht is love for boys?

hye cyunk-2 seme
lot of kisses to silent n noisy readers
ok today
im just,giving my thought
firstly, i wanna say sorry
for who
is being hurt
with my entry
my title here...
wht is love for boys
love for boys
is lust
love for boys 
is fake
their love words
is fake
n they are also 
because they are cleverly
wht is love?
they r just
playing around
im just saying these to boys 
not a man 
many of them 
are enjoying their life 
their heart
wthout,mind about others heart 
n sometimes 
it bcomes habit 
until they grown up 
im not blaming them 
but please, dont luv a gurl 
for completing ur lust 
love a gurl for who they are 
love is pure 
so dont make it 
look like 

expected the unexpected

dah bace? jum koment n jadik kawan syah ye chumel

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