guess what

yeah.....the final had finish 
the semester break are on the way 
and i........ 
im working here 
urghh so tired :(
yet, happy

with my college friend 
but there are als many good friends and helpful person 
on first day im open my own box
i have short for 57.RM 
its so shocked, and buat i cuak 
my first own mistakes
the scond day is better
lebeyh taw singgit
cuz customer manyak bek at me
working there i learn lot of things
many boys there wnna flirt
n many tergoda at my friend tu
but sometimes looking at tht
always make me grateful 
coz allah u know it
im always asking for u
to let me way from someone hurtinng me
and give me the truly most lovers ones
eventhough i had one
bbut he have to be the precious one
dear allah
i love u

dah bace? jum koment n jadik kawan syah ye chumel

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